Life is an adventure meant to be lived!

IMG_28080-hubby and me

Step 1 of life: Your are born! 

Step 2 of life: Go to school and graduate high school. 

Step 3 of life: Go to college and graduate.  

Step 4 of life: Meet the person of your dreams and get married.  

Step 5 of life: Buy a house.

Step 6 of life:  Have children. 

Step 7 of life:  Have…hold on (INSERT RECORD SKIP). 

Hey steps of life…wait a second.  What about those of us who don’t get this path and are instead given a different path and a different set of steps?  What do we do and where do we go to figure out what to do?  Who do we lean on?  How do we find people to relate to?

Well…that is just what I am trying to figure out.  Life has thrown me many different steps and paths, and number 6 being the biggest.  I was lucky enough to meet the man of my dreams and married him, but we found that we were unable to have children.  Now what? 

Trying to find someone…anyone who could spin a positive perspective on life after infertility was to say the least…IMPOSSIBLE!  Every place kept telling me to continue and wait for our miracle or to just relax and let it happen.  That our time would come.  No one ever said that you will learn who will be there for you and understand, and who will make your pain worse.  That you will sometimes feel alone and like you don’t fit in.  That you will feel isolated and like it is not ok to talk about this and your struggle and pain is meant to be kept quiet. No one ever said that it’s ok to say enough is enough.  That it is ok to cry and mourn because you have to figure out how to reconfigure your dreams and goals while you watch others easily get what you tried so hard for.

I decided that I didn’t want to sit and be silent about our struggle any longer.  I wanted to share our story because it didn’t end with a little miracle baby, and I am pretty sure others have experienced the same.  I want to show there is a life after infertility and it can be full of fun and adventure.  That, although infertility can cause major strain on a marriage, it can also create an unbelievable bond that you realize is unbreakable. 

My hope for this blog is to show that infertility and not being able to have children is not a death sentence, but just a new and different path then expected.  That you are not alone and that your feelings and emotions are justified.  That you are going to have to make decisions that you never thought you would and end friendships that you thought would last forever. 

Welcome!  I am excited to share my story with you, to help you realize that you are not alone, and to show you that there is an amazing adventure waiting for you after infertility.

4 thoughts on “Life is an adventure meant to be lived!

  1. hi Steph

    We lost a baby half way thru my 1st pregnancy We know the pain you guys feel We love you guys and thanks for the card you sent this week

    God Bless you


  2. Oh, Steph- it’s hard to read what you’ve been through. I’ve tried to leave a comment a few times and I’ve struggled with what to say. I care about you and Steve- and please let me know if I can do anything. I’m going to keep reading each entry and I’ll find time to get together with you soon.


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